SASB Standards XBRL Taxonomy Review Committee (TRC)


The digital strategy for the SASB Standards is aligned with the Value Reporting Foundation’s mission to establish and maintain standards for ESG disclosure that facilitate communication between companies and investors.

We have developed a suite of integration options to help organizations incorporate SASB standards into their platforms and commercial activities. In late 2021 we released an XBRL version of our taxonomy to make digital reporting easy for issuers and data aggregation & analytics easy for investors.

The SASB Standards XBRL Taxonomy Review Committee (TRC) is a standing committee of volunteer industry experts from leading public companies, software providers, data aggregators, audit professionals, regulators, and/or other interested parties. These individuals will review, provide guidance, and help to govern the ongoing maintenance of the taxonomy.

TRC Members

TRC members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on technical matters, share their expertise, and help ensure the taxonomy meets the needs of the market. Their names, titles, and affiliations are listed below.


Interest in TRC Participation

Please submit the following form to express your interest in participating as a member of the TRC. Value Reporting Foundation staff will only contact applicants to request additional information and to notify them they have been approved as members.

For further information, please review the TRC Charter.

Please note: This group is advisory in nature and recommendations are non-binding; ultimate authority to approve updates rests with the Value Reporting Foundation. Applications will be approved for membership by a collective of Value Reporting Foundation leaders to ensure TRC has representation from a diverse set of experts to ensure effective discussion

Contact Madhu Mathew,
Director of Technology
[email protected]