SASB connects businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability.

Financially Material: SASB’s mission is to help businesses around the world identify, manage and report on the sustainability topics that matter most to their investors.

Market Informed: SASB standards are developed based on extensive feedback from companies, investors, and other market participants as part of a transparent, publicly-documented process.

Industry Specific: SASB standards differ by industry, enabling investors and companies to compare performance from company to company within an industry.

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SASB’s Materiality Map® provides investors and other market participants with a visual representation of their portfolio’s exposure to specific sustainability risks and opportunities.

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SASB’s standards are industry-specific, but are sorted by sector for your convenience.

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SASB’s standards are industry-specific, but are sorted by sector for your convenience.

View all 77 standards, analyze disclosure quality of SASB sustainability topics for 4,000+ companies’ public filings, examine and benchmark and more.

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For Bank of America, Sustainability Isn’t an Either/or Proposition

In July 2020, Bank of America published its first Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) report. In this Q&A with Neil Stewart, SASB’s Director of Corporate Outreach, Rudi Bless, Bank of…
Published by Rudi Bless
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Recent Articles: To Unlock ESG Value, Look to Compliance and Beyond

Advocates of improved environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures have long sought the end of silos, where interest in sustainability issues can extend beyond the company’s sustainability office to the…
Published by Thomas Riesenberg
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Verizon: Sending a Strong ESG Signal to Investors

We recently caught up with Beth Sasfai, Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance & Chief ESG Officer at Verizon, one of the world’s largest communications technology companies. Verizon began using SASB…
Published by Beth Sasfai
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Meet A Few Of Our Supporters

Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Corporate Governance
Officer, Norges Bank Investment Management

“As a long-term, universal investor, we have an interest in sustainable development. We urge for standardized, concrete and relevant sustainability data and we ask companies to go from words to numbers – because what gets measured gets managed. We welcome SASB’s work in developing industry-based standards for improved sustainability reporting.”

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Sophia Mendelsohn,
Head of Sustainability, JetBlue

JetBlue started reporting with SASB Standards in 2017 as a new way to meet their investors’ needs. As Sophia Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability puts it: “The SASB standard for the airline industry offered a reporting solution for us, as it allowed us to better target investors by focusing on the ESG metrics material to our industry, rather than reporting on broad metrics that are less applicable to aviation.”

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Laurel Peacock, Director of Sustainability

“SASB helped us focus more specifically on investors as a key stakeholder audience for our sustainability disclosures.”

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