SASB publie la traduction française de ses 77 standards sectoriels

French translations now available for SASB's 77 industry standards

French translations now available for SASB's 77 industry standards

Total, le géant français de l’énergie, partage son expérience SASB

French Energy Giant Total Shares its SASB Story

What does climate risk look like in your industry?

Download SASB’s newly updated Climate Risk Technical Bulletin to explore how industry-specific disclosures can unlock insights and action.

Nos complace compartir las traducciones al español de los 77 estándares industriales de SASB

Spanish translations now available for SASB's 77 industry Standards

A Practical Guide to Sustainability Reporting Using GRI and SASB Standards

Read GRI and SASB’s new joint report

Understanding SASB

SASB connects businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability.

Countries with Standards Downloads
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Standards Downloaded
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SASB Standards identify the subset of ESG issues most relevant to financial performance in each of 77 industries.
SASB Standards are developed based on extensive feedback from companies, investors, and other market participants as part of a transparent, publicly-documented process.
Not all sustainability issues matter equally to each industry, and the same sustainability issue can manifest differently across industries--that's why SASB Standards are industry-specific.
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See Where Risks Are Concentrated
SASB’s Materiality Map® provides investors and other market participants with a visual representation of their portfolio’s exposure to specific sustainability risks and opportunities.
Download Industry Specific Standards
SASB’s standards are industry-specific, but are sorted by sector for your convenience.
Industry specific standards sorted by sector
View all 77 standards, analyze disclosure quality of SASB sustainability topics for 4,000+ companies’ public filings, examine and benchmark and more.


May 10, 2021

Total: Transparence Totale | Total: Comprehensively Transparent

Link to English Version below Total, le géant français de l’énergie, a une activité riche en matière de développement durable, étant donné qu’il est présent dans plus de 130 pays et emploie environ 100 000 personnes. Pourtant, les nombreux rapports ESG de Total parviennent à présenter des messages clairs et forts. Par exemple, elle a […]

May 10, 2021

Water Risk Flows Across Industries and Through Value Chains

In the first half of 2021, numerous developments have heightened the attention companies and investors focus on water risks. From scanning news headlines alone, one can observe how water stress can disrupt the supply chain of many industries; how local competition for scarce resources can directly affect a water-consuming business and its downstream customers; and […]

April 7, 2021

SASB and Market Principles: Sustainability-Linked Financing

Authored by Jeff Cohen, CAIA, Director of Capital Markets Integration, Head of Private Investment Initiatives  Companies working to improve sustainability performance may have an opportunity to leverage sustainability disclosure to access a rapidly growing area of credit markets through sustainability-linked financing. To date, most ESG debt exists in the form of green bonds or other […]

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