SASB Consultant Content Program

Join SASB’s Consultant Content Program to stay updated about trends regarding the use of SASB Standards and where SASB fits in the broader ESG ecosystem. Designed for corporate sustainability consultants, this new program offers content resources to help consultants inform their clients.

While SASB offers companies implementation guidance—including the Standards Application Guidance and the Implementation Primer—SASB recognizes that some companies seek additional services from consulting firms to support their use of SASB Standards. To assist advisors with providing updated information to their clients, SASB’s Consultant Content Program provides:

  • Two exclusive update briefings per year to access emerging information about use of SASB Standards
  • Updated SASB slide decks explaining the SASB Standards and where SASB fits in the broader ESG ecosystem
  • A listing in the SASB Consultant Content Program directory on the SASB website
  • Use of the SASB Consultant Content Program logo

Participants in the SASB Consultant Content Program can identify themselves in their communication materials via the program logo. Please note that SASB does not endorse or certify any consulting organizations and does not encourage or discourage companies from working with consultants. Participants in the Consultant Content Program do not receive privileged status when providing feedback to the SASB Research team or the SASB Standards Board on potential changes to the SASB Standards.

Sign Up

Any consulting firm can participate in the SASB Consultant Content Program by signing up and paying the annual $500 fee. The SASB Consultant Content Program is different than the SASB Alliance, a broad-based membership program which offers members a range of educational materials, member events, and discounts on SASB offerings.