Support from Investors

Investors increasingly recognize that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can affect a company’s ability to manage risk and deliver financial performance over the long-term.  ESG data and information can provide investors with a more comprehensive view of company performance.

SASB’s Investor Advisory Group (IAG) comprises leading asset owners and asset managers who are committed to improving the quality and comparability of sustainability-related disclosure to investors.

Investor Advisory Group Members

Egon Vavrek
APG (All Pensions Group)
Director Global Emerging Markets Equities, Fundamental Strategies

Christian Kjaer
Head of Liquid Markets, Vice President

Ole Buhl
Head of ESG, Senior Vice President

Matt Christensen
AXA Investment Management
Global Head of Responsible Investment

Anna Snider
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Head of Due Diligence for the Chief Investment Officer,
Global Weath & Investment Management

Jennifer Coulson
BCI (British Columbia Investment Management Corporation)
Senior Manager, ESG Integration | Public Equities

Michelle Edkins
Managing Director & Global Head of Investment Stewardship

Ray Cameron
Head of Investment Stewardship – The Americas

Heidi Soumerai
Boston Trust Walden
Managing Director

Amy Augustine
Boston Trust Walden
Director of ESG Investing

Peter Coffin
Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Founder & President

Rob Fernandez
Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Vice President & Director of ESG Research

Faith Ward
Brunel Pension Partnership
Chief Responsible Investment Officer

Dan Bienvenue
Interim Chief Operating Investment Officer & Managing Investment Director, Global Equity

Beth Richtman
Managing Investment Director, Sustainable Investment Program

Christopher Ailman
IAG Chair Emeritus
Chief Investment Officer

Kirsty Jenkinson
Investment Director, Sustainable Investment & Stewardship Strategies

John Streur
Calvert Research & Management
President & CEO

John Wilson
Calvert Research & Management
Vice President, Director of Corporate Engagement

Robert W. Lovelace
Capital Group
Vice Chairman

Natasha Braginsky Mounier
Capital Group
ESG Investment Director

Bertrand Millot
Head of Investment Stewardship

Ben Lambert
Interim Head of Sustainable Investing

Carole Laible
Domini Impact Investments

Corey Klemmer
Domini Impact Investments
Director of Engagement

Pam Holding
Fidelity Investments
Co-Head, Equity Division

Nicole Connolly
Fidelity Investments
Head of ESG Investing and Portfolio Manager

Julie Moret
Franklin Templeton Investments
Head of ESG

John Goldstein
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Managing Director, Global Head, ESG Investing

Catherine Winner
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Vice President, Fundamental Equity Client Portfolio Management
– Head of Stewardship

Michael Cappucci
Harvard Management Company
Senior Vice President, Compliance and Sustainable Investing

Eoin Murray
Hermes Investment Management
Head of Investment

Dr. Michael Viehs
Hermes Investment Management
Associate Director – ESG Integration

Aaron Meder
Legal & General Investment Management America
Chief Executive Officer

John Hoeppner
Legal & General Investment Management America
Head of US Stewardship and Sustainable Investments

Christopher P. Conkey, CFA
Manulife Investment Management
Head of Public Markets, Global Wealth and Asset Management

Margaret Childe
Manulife Investment Management
Director, ESG Research & Integration

Ted Eliopoulos
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Vice Chair Investment Management & Head of Strategic Partnerships

Rui de Figueiredo
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Co-Head and Chief Investment Officer, Solutions & Multi-Asset Group

Joseph V. Amato
Neuberger Berman
President of Neuberger Berman Group LLC, Chief Investment Officer of Equities

Jonathan Bailey
Neuberger Berman
Managing Director and Head of ESG Investing

Alex Doñé
New York City Retirement Systems
Deputy Comptroller & Chief Investment Officer, NYC Bureau of Asset Management

Michael Garland
New York City Retirement Systems
Assistant Comptroller – Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment, NYC Office of the Comptroller

Tomoaki Fujii
Nissay Asset Management

Toshikazu Hayashi
Nissay Asset Management
Chief Analyst

Eivind Lorgen
Nordea Asset Management
CEO, North America

Marjo Koivisto
Nordea Asset Management
Co-Head Responsible Investments

Wilhelm Mohn
Norges Bank Investment Management
Head of Sustainability Initiatives, Corporate Governance

Christopher Shipley
Northern Trust Asset Management
Senior Vice President and Head of Fundamental Equities

Barbara Zvan
IAG Chair
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Chief Risk & Strategy Officer

Deborah Ng
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Director, Strategy and Risk

John Skjervem
IAG Vice Chair
Oregon State Treasury, Investment Division
Chief Investment Officer

Anna Totdahl
Oregon State Treasury, Investment Division
Investment Officer, ESG & Sustainability

Hans Op ‘t Veld
Head of Responsible Investment

Gavin Power
Executive Vice President and Chief of Sustainable Development and International Affairs

Del Anderson
Senior Vice President & Credit Analyst

Katherine Collins
Putnam Investments
Portfolio Manager and Head of Sustainable Investing

Paul Scanlon
Putnam Investments
Head of Credit Research

Margaret Stumpp
QMA (a PGIM company)
Senior Advisor

Pat Watral
QMA (a PGIM company)
Senior Governance Officer

Jessica Ground
Fund Manager & Global Head of Stewardship

Lynn Blake
State Street Global Advisors
Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Global Head of Beta Solutions

Rakhi Kumar
State Street Global Advisors
Senior Managing Director, Head of ESG Investments and Asset Stewardship

George Parker
Sustainable Insight Capital Management
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Hershel Harper
UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Chief Investment Officer

Malcolm Goepfert
UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust
Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Bruno Bertocci
UBS Asset Management
Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investors

Christopher Greenwald
UBS Asset Management
Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Research

Glenn Booraem
Principal & Head of Investment Stewardship

Marc Lindsay
Senior Strategist, Investment Stewardship

Hannah Skeates
Wells Fargo Asset Management
Global Head of ESG

Jessica Mann
Wells Fargo Asset Management
Head of Stewardship

David Zellner
Wespath Investment Management
Chief Investment Officer

Nicholas Abel
Wespath Investment Management
Manager, Sustainable Investment Services

Investor Advisory Group Statement

The SASB Investor Advisory Group (IAG) comprises leading asset owners and asset managers who recognize the need for consistent, comparable and reliable disclosure of material and decision-useful ESG information.  IAG Members:

  • Encourage companies to disclose material and decision-useful ESG information to investors
  • Believe standards would improve the quality and comparability of sustainability-related information
  • Believe SASB’s approach—which is industry-specific and materiality-focused—will help provide investors with relevant and decision-useful information
  • Agree to participate in SASB’s ongoing standards development process, so that outcomes best reflect investor needs
  • Agree to encourage companies to participate in SASB’s ongoing standards development process, so that outcomes reflect both issuer and investor viewpoints
  • Believe that SASB standards can inform integration of sustainability factors into investment and/or stewardship processes, such as corporate engagement and proxy voting

The SASB Alliance

Expectations from a wide range of corporate stakeholders for more detailed reporting on sustainability have yielded high rates of such reporting. Today, expectations of a wide range of investors for higher quality sustainability data is also growing, resulting in a need for tools through which companies can better translate their work on sustainability into a language and format more usable to investors across asset classes and strategies.

View the Organizational Members of the SASB Alliance