IFRS Foundation

Rules of Procedure

The SASB Rules of Procedure was in the process of being revised and underwent a public comment period prior to the consolidation of the Value Reporting Foundation into the IFRS Foundation. The Rules of Procedure exposure draft, which was available for public comment from August 28, 2020-December 31, 2020, can be found here. The original, 2017 version of the Rules of Procedure can be found here.

In establishing formal governance procedures, the Rules described SASB’s organizational structure, including the role of the SASB Standards Board. The Rules then provided an overview of the process to set SASB Standards.

For more information about SASB’s approach, please visit the Standard-Setting Process page, or read SASB’s Conceptual Framework, which set out the basic concepts, principles, definitions, and objectives that guided the SASB Standards Board.