SASB Resources for Investors

Engagement Guide for Asset Owners & Asset Managers

The SASB Engagement Guide for Asset Owners & Asset Managers provides industry-by-industry guidance on how asset owners and asset managers can use the SASB standards to inform and enhance their corporate engagement activities.

ESG Integration Insights

ESG Integration Insights presents case studies from asset owners and managers, showcasing best practices for using SASB standards and tools in investment decisions across asset classes.

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Webcast

SASB and ESG reporting were key discussion points at the December 13, 2018 meeting of the SEC Investor Advisory Committee. Dan Goelzer describes the history of ESG reporting (1:20-1:33), Janine Guillot gives an overview of SASB (1:33-1:43), and Curtis Ravenel speaks about TCFD and Bloomberg’s view of the SASB approach (1:44-1:54).

See Where Risks Are Concentrated

SASB’s interactive Materiality Map® provides investors and other market participants with a visual representation of their portfolio’s exposure to specific sustainability risks and opportunities. The Map helps investors focus their sustainability strategies on the most important issues and understand the financial impacts that underpin each SASB disclosure topic.

Explore SASB Disclosure Topics and Metrics

Explore the SASB Navigator, SASB’s research platform that allows you to: view standards for all 77 industries; review evidence of financial materiality underlying the standards, and; analyze the quality of disclosure on SASB disclosure topics in the public filings of 4000+ companies.