Investor Perspectives

Why Leading Investors Are Supporting SASB

Many of the world’s leading asset owners and managers are members of the SASB Investor Advisory Group and recognize the need for investor-grade ESG and sustainability data.

Hear from founding IAG members why they value financially-material sustainability data and SASB:

Bringing the PRI Principles to Life: SASB as a Toolset

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund and Nordea Asset Management discuss with SASB and PRI how these firms are using SASB standards to fulfill their PRI signatory commitments.

Russell Investments 

Materiality Matters: Targeting the ESG Issues that can impact performance – the material ESG score

“Russell Investments has developed a new way to measure a company’s ESG score. Drawing from the metrics developed by industry leaders Sustainalytics and SASB, our new material ESG scores are designed to identify and evaluate only those issues that are financially important to a company. “

SASB Case Studies

The purpose of SASB’s ESG Integration Insights is to further advance the practice of incorporating ESG factors into investment decision-making by sharing the perspectives of many types of investors. These investors are using SASB standards and tools to inform their investment decisions across asset classes using a variety of investment strategies.

What Investors are Saying About SASB

“One of the most exciting developments in sustainable investing has been the upgrade in the quality of company data that identifies companies with strong strategies. Traditional financial information is governed by accounting rules … a new, powerful body called the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board is doing the same for sustainability data and disclosure.”

“To me, the value of looking at the SASB metrics is that they may reveal features of a company that might be visible in the financial data, but not necessarily explained. The financials may tell us that a company is high margin and high return on equity, but how did that happen? My feeling is that the SASB metrics could point in the direction of where a firm’s competitive advantage is coming from.”

—Bruno Bertocci, Managing Director, UBS

“[T]he measuring system we have as a society for wealth is inadequate and too narrowly focused on financial metrics. Responsible investors agree and must push aggressively forward with initiatives such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board to build universal metrics to gauge and compare corporate social and environmental behavior and impact.”

—John Streur, CEO, Calvert Investments

“CalPERS supports the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and we encourage the SEC to continue its dialogue with SASB as they develop industry-specific sustainability accounting standards for publicly listed companies. We urge the SEC to use the SASB standards in review of sector filings; to continue to issue comment letters addressing inadequate disclosure of material climate change issues; and to collaborate with other federal agencies to analyze the material sustainability risks and opportunities.”

—Anne Simpson, Senior Portfolio Manager and Director for Corporate Governance, CalPERS

“Applied SASB standards can mitigate the risks associated with an investment’s long-term value creation. Companies that integrate SASB standards in their financial reporting provide investors material sustainability detail at the sector and industry level. A company that includes sustainability accounting metrics in its reporting signals to investors that ESG risks are not empty rhetoric, but a key element in its risk assessment and business strategy.”

—Jack Ehnes, CEO, CalSTRS