SASB Resources for Companies

The following tools and resources are available to help you and your company begin using SASB standards to report to investors on the sustainability issues most likely to impact your business outcomes.

Identify Your Industry

The SICS™ Look-Up Tool identifies the primary SICS™ industry for tens of thousands of publicly listed companies around the world, enabling investors and corporations to determine which SASB sustainability accounting standard is relevant to that company.

Explore SASB Disclosure Topics and Metrics

Explore the SASB Navigator, our online research platform, that allows you to view your industry standard, analyze disclosure quality for a number of public companies, benchmark against industry for SASB metrics, access evidence of financial impact, and receive topic alerts to stay informed on emerging evidence.

Getting Started Using SASB Standards

SASB’s Field Guide provides investors and companies with a high-level overview of the key characteristics of an industry, while also addressing what related sustainability challenges it faces compared to other industries. Helping readers easily and quickly understand the sustainability-related risks and opportunities of each of the 77 industries, the guide identifies specific SASB topics and metrics per industry, how they are linked to value and their financial impact.

This updated publication will be available in 2019. 

The SASB Implementation Guide for Companies provides guidance for companies seeking to implement SASB standards within their existing business functions and processes.

The Guide helps companies:

  • Identify sustainability-related issues that are most likely to affect business outcomes for companies in their industry, and assess their management and disclosure of those issues to investors
  • Embed SASB standards into management processes and reporting to investors
  • Support disclosure and management with internal controls