Key Resources for Companies

Find Your Industry

SASB’s Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) groups like companies based on their sustainability-related risks and opportunities. The SICS® Look-Up Tool identifies the primary SICS® industry for tens of thousands of publicly listed companies around the world, enabling investors and corporations to determine which SASB sustainability accounting standard is relevant to that company.

Explore SASB Disclosure Topics and Metrics


Review the SASB Engagement Guide, which facilitates more focused, meaningful discussion between investors and portfolio companies about financially material sustainability risks and opportunities.

The SASB Standards Application Guidance applies to all SASB industry standards. This document is considered part of the standards, and provides essential contextual information. Specifically, the Application Guidance answers common questions about conformance, reporting boundaries, formatting, governance strategies, assurance, and reference updates.

Getting Started Using SASB Standards

Explore the SASB Knowledge Hub, which includes an array of practical and informative resources to help users understand and implement SASB standards.

Explore the SASB Navigator, our online research platform, that allows you to view your industry standard, analyze disclosure quality for a number of public companies, benchmark against industry for SASB metrics, access evidence of financial impact, and receive topic alerts to stay informed on emerging evidence.

The SASB Implementation Primer provides guidance for companies seeking to implement SASB standards within their existing business functions and processes.