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Want to Get Serious About Sustainability? Use SASB’s Standards to Inform Enterprise Risk Management

Author Gregg Anderson, Managing Director at Crowe, recently discussed SASB’s role in connecting companies and investors with reliable and comparable data.

“First of all, I think investors want to understand how companies are managing their ESG risks and opportunities. One of the best ways a company can do this, is to demonstrate that they have meaningful and reliable ESG data that is useful to manage the business. SASB has already worked with the investor community to identify the ESG topics that are meaningful for 77 distinct industries. On average, each industry standard has just five disclosure topics.  SASB puts a spotlight on these topics.”

 Want to Get Serious About Sustainability? Use SASB’s Standards to Inform ERM

What Companies are Saying About SASB

“As leaders in the area of sustainability, we have been actively following the development of the SASB standards. We support the underlying objectives, which through standardized reporting will bring more clarity that can benefit all stakeholders.”

Nick Fanandakis
Executive Vice President and CFO, DuPont

“SASB’s approach is elegantly and practically designed. The engagement process used to develop its standards is a model others should follow. Its standards have great potential to make a significant difference to globally important issues.”

Sarah Teslik
Senior Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs and Governance, Apache Corporation

“SASB’s work to develop accounting standards for specific sustainability metrics is key to helping organizations determine what is material to their businesses and report on these metrics in a consistent manner. It is also important to get people involved across organizations from areas such Finance, Internal Audit, Legal, and Government Affairs in addition to members of Sustainability teams so everyone understands why reporting on non-financial metrics is tied to future business success.”

Nick Pfeiffer
Corporate Controller for FMC Corporation

“In our quest to provide a fair, open and efficient market, we advocate for more standardized disclosure of material sustainability issues. SASB will help us immeasurably in this goal.”

Evan Harvey
Managing Director, NASDAQ OMX

“I, for one, welcome SASB and will look forward to the day when we have really changed the reporting game.”

Susanne Stormer
Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Novo Nordisk

“At Symantec one of our objectives is to more fully integrate corporate responsibility/sustainability efforts because they support and further the company’s business purpose. To achieve this, we know it is important to keep investors apprised of this information, which they increasingly see as material. SASB’s standards—which are developed with significant company and investor input—are a resource for this effort.”

Cecily Joseph
Vice President of Corporate Responsibility,  Symantec

“SASB’s efforts to define, develop and propagate sustainability accounting standards is a key step in enabling corporations to disclose material, decision-useful information to investors. The process is rigorous and founded on evidence-based research and broad, balanced stakeholder participation, which is critical to facilitating an understanding of the relevancy between disclosing non-financial metrics and overall business strategy and performance.”

Todd Camp
Senior Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, The Hershey Company