Commercial Use

Commercial Relationships with SASB

SASB’s evidence-based, market-informed, and transparent process has identified the ESG issues most likely to be financially material for each industry, making SASB Standards and metrics valuable for many commercial purposes. To incorporate SASB’s industry classification, metrics, or underlying research and related content into your systems, products, or services, contact us at

Find SASB Data Sets

These companies provide a filter on their data sets to view data and information consistent with SASB Standards. Users can see how companies are performing on SASB metrics and/or proxies for SASB metrics.

License SASB’s Framework

Want to focus your products on ESG information that really matters to investors? SASB makes it easy for asset managers, asset owners, data and research firms, and corporate reporting software providers  to use SASB Standards and/or the Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®).

Learn more about how to license SASB Standards.

SASB’s Role in ESG Indices

SASB Standards serve as a key input to third parties creating ESG scores for use in an index and associated investible products. When licensing SASB Standards for use in indices and associated investible products, SASB encourages licensees to develop methodologies rewarding companies for performance on SASB metrics, instead of transparency alone.