Market feedback is the key to SASB standards

A year ago, I wrote about SASB’s laser-like focus on financial materiality and drive to align with other frameworks to facilitate global implementation, and about the value that SASB places...
Published by Jeff Hales
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Lessons from ESG Leaders: Start Early, Be Patient

  SASB standards have been downloaded over 100,000 times since they were approved in November 2018, one of many indications that companies are looking at the standards with fresh eyes...
Published by Marvin Smith
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Managing Sustainability Risks and Unlocking Opportunities

Myths are made to be busted, and in the world of corporate sustainability there’s none bigger than the idea that financial returns and sustainable outcomes are mutually exclusive pursuits. That’s...
Published by SASB
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Market Pressure Yields Results – Disclosure Increasing in Multiple Industries

Effective decision making depends on relevant, reliable information. For investors, that need often extends beyond traditional financial data, as two recent developments illustrate. First, several leading global mining companies started...
Published by Gail Glazerman, CFA
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Spotlight on Human Capital Has Investors’ Attention

Perhaps encouraged by historically low unemployment rates, evolving demographics, the fallout from the #MeToo movement, or certain high-profile industrial accidents with tragic consequences, the “human capital” dimension of sustainability has...
Published by Gail Glazerman, CFA
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Trying to Implement the TCFD Recommendations? SASB Can Help!

SASB standards are shaped in large part by the invaluable input we receive from companies, investors, and other key market participants. The feedback loops built into our due process ensure...
Published by David Parham
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Sustainability isn’t New, it’s the New Face of Risk

Since I joined the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Foundation in February as chief executive officer, I’ve become happily swept up in a whirlwind of activity—new faces, fresh challenges, and...
Published by Madelyn Antoncic, PhD
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With ESG, Asking the Right Question is Half the Solution

With proxy season around the corner, both shareholders and their portfolio companies are busy preparing for annual meetings, crucial votes, and constructive engagement. In recent years, an increasing share of...
Published by Janine Guillot
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Using the FSA Credential Abroad

We get a lot of questions about whether SASB’s FSA Credential can be used by those abroad, and the easy (and short) answer is yes! Interpreting Materiality from Abroad For...
Published by alex.davidson
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It Takes Two to Make Data Coverage Go Right

Effective decision making is a mix of art and science, a delicate balancing act between professional judgment and empirical analysis—both are important. However, when it comes to corporate sustainability, today’s...
Published by Arturo Rodriguez
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