January 17, 2021

Introducing SASB’s New Website


Welcome to SASB’s new website! We have updated our site to better serve you via improved navigation and usability (based on user research and testing). We have also added content to help introduce new visitors to SASB and our Standards.

You may also notice that the website has a new look and feel. We’ve centered our brand refresh around the concept of “Market Momentum”—SASB works alongside companies, investors, and others to respond to move the markets forward via improved sustainability disclosure infrastructure.

Key updates include:

  1. More functionality on the SASB Corporate Reporters page: You can now sort, filter, and sort the growing list of companies that report SASB metrics. You can also access expanded information about each corporate reporter, including the country of domicile, industry, date of their report, and reporting channel.
  2. A more user-friendly way to download SASB Standards: It’s now easier to find relevant industries and select the Standards you want to download.
  3. More functionality on the Active Projects page: Designed to encourage market participation in our standard-setting process, you can now sort, filter, and search through SASB’s active projects and learn how to get involved.
  4. Dedicated tabs for “Using the Standards”: Pages specifically for investors, reporting companies, licensees, and academics are designed to provide the content and resources most relevant to your business needs.
  5. About SASB page: You can now access a concise description of who we are and what we do on this new page.
  6. SASB and Other ESG Frameworks page: We’ve updated the content on this page to reflect the quickly evolving corporate disclosure landscape.
  7. Standards Overview page: We’ve added an animated video that provides a short introduction to SASB Standards.
  8. Global Use page: This dynamic page provides an updated look at the number of companies and investors who use SASB Standards around the world.

We hope you enjoy the new SASB website. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us.