SASB Standards Helped Us Reconnect with Capital Markets

The following guest blog was written by Mikkel Skougaard, who is Group ESG Reporting Senior Expert at MOL Group. He recently shared these and other insights in SASB 201: Getting...
Published by Mikkel Skougaard
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Dispelling the Top 11 SASB Myths

At SASB, we frequently hear misconceptions about our standards, including misconceptions about who uses them and how to use them. Many of these “SASB myths” arise in conversations that members...
Published by Katie Schmitz Eulitt
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What Is the Connection Between SASB and the SDGs?

It has never been more clear that success in business depends on a thriving society and vice versa. Our work at the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is designed to...
Published by Janine Guillot
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EU Directive Can Lay the Foundation for a Global ESG Disclosure Solution

Companies around the world are increasingly reporting on their sustainability performance. However, we still hear from investors that they struggle to find comparable information that is relevant for investment decision...
Published by Janine Guillot
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Overcoming Implementation Challenges at Small- and Mid-Size Companies

The following guest blog was written by Kuni Chen, CFA. He is an ESG Consultant and former head of climate change impact investments at The Nature Conservancy. Mr. Chen is...
Published by Kuni Chen, CFA
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Getting Started with SASB? Join Our Master Class

Two weeks ago, 1,306 people from 53 countries attended part one of our new Implementation Webinar Series. I got to share the screen with SASB Foundation CEO Janine Guillot and...
Published by Neil Stewart
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We’re Learning the Lessons of the Pandemic Alongside Markets

The spread of COVID-19 has unleashed unthinkable devastation across the globe, forcing people to grapple with the loss of livelihoods on top of the loss of life. These human consequences...
Published by David Parham
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The Value of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures for a Fixed Income Investor

The following guest blog was written by Alessia Falsarone, Managing Director of PineBridge Investments. With hundreds of climate-related policies globally and central banks on the verge of developing financial stress...
Published by Alessia Falsarone
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New Research Project: Alternative Meat & Dairy Products

At its February 22 meeting, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) initiated a research project to explore the market implications of alternative meat and dairy products on industries within the...
Published by Devon Bonney
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SASB to Improve Apparel, Accessories & Footwear Industry Guidance on Materials Sourcing Measurement

During its February 25 meeting, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) unanimously agreed to add a project related to raw materials sourcing in the Apparel, Accessories & Footwear industry to...
Published by Taylor Reed
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