Governance Documents

SASB has issued provisional sustainability accounting standards for all 79 SICS industries, marking a pivotal point in its standard-setting work. SASB’s ongoing efforts will focus on the codification and maintenance of the standards.


As part of this transition, the organization opened three key documents—the SASB Rules of Procedure, the SASB Conceptual Framework, and proposed changes to its Sustainable Industry Classification System™ (SICS™) — for a 90-day public comment period from April 7, 2016 through July 6, 2016.



To read comments received, please click here. SASB is preparing responses to all comments, which will be posted on this page (along with revised versions of the governance documents) in the coming months.


2013 Public Comment Period


In 2013, SASB invited individuals and organizations to comment on an exposure draft of the original Conceptual Framework. The objective of the public consultation was to develop an improved Conceptual Framework that provides a sound foundation for the development of SASB’s sustainability accounting standards. The end of the 45-day comment period on SASB’s original Conceptual Framework was July 27, 2013. Review the comments on the exposure draft along with SASB’s responses.


SASB’s Conceptual Framework [PDF] is a foundational document that has guided SASB’s provisional standards development process and explains the concepts and definitions relevant to SASB’s work. The framework has been essential to fulfilling SASB’s goal of developing standards that are decision-useful, cost-effective, comparable, and verifiable.