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Coming together to adapt to changing
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Join the SASB Alliance membership program to develop and explore best practices to integrate material sustainability information into existing processes. Organizations and individuals benefit from the SASB Alliance with educational materials, unique resources, and product discounts. Members share the belief that today’s capital markets need standardized sustainability disclosure and effective ESG integration into investment practices – for the benefit of both companies and investors.


We are an ambitious organization that is quickly gaining momentum—join this growing movement today.

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The SASB Alliance is a program of the SASB Foundation, the organization that funds the standards setting work of The SASB. The SASB Foundation provides education and resources that help people and organizations apply the standards to their own work.

Membership Benefits


Designed for asset managers, asset owners, issuers, and service providers (such as consulting firms and law firms), SASB Alliance Organizations gain a unique opportunity to learn from both SASB and one another about the changing expectations for material sustainability information. Through exclusive convenings and member dialogues, we will support members as they aim to build capacity among their staff, identify best practices, and explore the use of material sustainability information.

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Designed for professionals from all functions of the capital markets—including finance, investment, sustainability, assurance, and law—individual membership is designed to help you stay ahead of the evolving field of sustainability accounting. With your $400 annual member fee, you will have access to discounts on SASB offerings, the latest research on sustainability accounting best practices, and resources to help you explain SASB’s work to colleagues.

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For educators, the SASB Alliance individual membership is available at a 50% discount ($200). 

Request the educator discount.


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Yes, all feedback on the SASB standards will be treated equally and in accordance with the principles and processes outlined in the Conceptual Framework and the Rules of Procedure.

The Investor Advisory Group, launched in 2016, comprises leading asset owners and asset managers who are committed to improving the quality and comparability of sustainability-related disclosure to investors. Among other things, IAG members take an active role in encouraging companies to disclose material and decision-useful ESG information, and encouraging companies to participate in SASB’s ongoing standards development processes. Membership is invitation only and is contingent on participation from a senior-level (CIO or equivalent) leader at an asset manager or asset owner.


The SASB Alliance, launched in 2017, is a community of companies, asset managers, asset owners, and service providers that believe standardized, industry-specific, and materiality-based standards help companies and investors adapt to the market’s evolving expectations for sustainability disclosure. Members join to gain access to member convenings, insights on best practices and related resources, and branding opportunities. Membership is open to any and all interested organizations.

The SASB Alliance is separate from SASB’s standards setting work. The SASB Alliance is a program of The SASB Foundation, which is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit that is responsible for the funding and oversight of the SASB Standards Board.

Members of the SASB Alliance are invited to participate in SASB’ standards setting work, as are all members of the public. Membership in the SASB Alliance provides no special access to or preferential benefit from SASB’s standards setting activities.

No, some Alliance Organizations have opted out of being publicly recognized. They participate in the Alliance like other members, but are not named publicly.


Contact: SASB Alliance Member Relations

(628) 220-4240