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Join the SASB Alliance membership program to develop and explore best practices to integrate material sustainability information into existing processes. Organizations and individuals benefit from the SASB Alliance with educational materials, unique resources, and product discounts. Members share the belief that today’s capital markets need standardized sustainability disclosure and effective ESG integration into investment practices – for the benefit of both companies and investors.

We are an ambitious organization that is quickly gaining momentum—join this growing movement today.

Membership Benefits

The SASB Alliance is a program of the Value Reporting Foundation. The SASB Alliance is focused on providing education and resources related to the SASB Standards, one of the three resources offered by the Value Reporting Foundation. The Value Reporting Foundation is a global nonprofit organization that offers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to help businesses and investors develop a shared understanding of enterprise value—how it is created, preserved and eroded.


Designed for asset managers, asset owners, companies, and service providers, SASB Alliance Organizations gain a unique opportunity to learn from both the Value Reporting Foundation and one another about the financial impact of ESG issues and how organizations are responding. Through exclusive convenings and member dialogues, we will support members as they aim to build capacity among their staff, identify best practices, and explore the use of material sustainability information.

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Designed for professionals from all functions of the capital markets—including investment management, corporate sustainability, finance, assurance, and law—individual membership helps you stay ahead of the evolving field of sustainability accounting. With your $400 annual member fee, you will have access to discounts on Value Reporting Foundation offerings, the latest research on sustainability accounting best practices, and resources to help you explain sustainability accounting to colleagues. The additional meetings, educational programs, and deeper relationship with VRF staff are reserved for organizational members.

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For educators, the SASB Alliance individual membership is available at a 50% discount ($200). At this time, this discount is for academic faculty only.

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What is required to be a SASB Alliance Organizational Member?

There are no formal reporting requirements or official time commitments required to be a member of the SASB Alliance. The Alliance is designed to be a resource to organizations and individuals, and we believe you get out what you put in. That said, we do seek an intentional and demonstrated commitment to learn and build financially material ESG considerations into decision making to join the Alliance.

Do companies have to report with the SASB standards?

Companies do not have to be currently reporting or disclosing with the SASB Standards to join the SASB Alliance. Many companies have expressed interest in the Alliance as a way to learn more about the standards and their use in the market to aid in their efforts to build out those capabilities internally.

Are all SASB Alliance Organizations listed on the SASB website?

Nearly all members are listed on the website, with a few exceptions for organizations that choose to remain anonymous publicly.

What is the difference between SASB Standards Investor Advisory Group (IAG) and the SASB Alliance?

The SASB Standards Investor Advisory Group is an invite-only cohort within the SASB Alliance that has committed to advocate and engage with companies on the disclosure and adoption of the SASB standards. All SASB Standards IAG members are Alliance members, but not all Alliance members are SASB Standards IAG Members.

Can non-members provide feedback on SASB Standards?

Yes. The Value Reporting Foundation and SASB Standards have a market driven approach to the development and ongoing maintenance and refinement of the Standards. We encourage feedback and are happy to direct Non-Alliance Members to the right internal resource to share their feedback.

How is the SASB Alliance connected with SASB’s standard-setting work?

The SASB Standards and the process for maintaining them are completely independent of the SASB Alliance. Alliance members are encouraged, like any other organization, to participate in standards setting.

Ways to Engage with SASB

Available to Members General Public Individual Alliance Member Alliance Organization
Recurring Industry-specific Research Webinars
Convenings with members and experts
Opportunities to weigh in on Value Reporting Foundation programs
Sustainability accounting newsletters
Member-only events & programming
Member portal
Listing on SASB Standards website
Branding at the Symposium limited
Use of SASB Alliance Organization logo

Available to All General Public Individual Alliance Member Alliance Organization
News related to the standard-setting process
SASB Standards blog and social media
Equal access and treatment when providing feedback on the Standards


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