Technical Agenda

The 2017 Technical Agenda comprises 248 items across 11 sectors that are under review by the Standards Board for possible changes to the provisional phase standards prior to codification. The approved items include those for which significant supporting evidence or market feedback was received, indicating that the change would improve the quality of the standard, including the materiality, cost-effectiveness, and/or decision-usefulness. Specifically, the need for changes arose from: 1) stakeholder feedback on the provisional standards; 2) regulatory or scientific advancement; and/or 3) identification and rationalization of cross-cutting topics that affect multiple industries or sectors.


The Technical Agenda items were prioritized from market feedback obtained during SASB’s stakeholder engagement process. In a recent six-month consultation period, 141 companies (along with 19 industry associations, representing hundreds of companies) and 38 institutional investors (who consulted on 271 industries) provided feedback on the provisional standards. To develop the provisional standards from 2012 through 2015, SASB convened industry working groups with 2,800 experts, affiliated with $23.4 trillion in assets under management and more than $11 trillion market capitalization.


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In addition, a Research Agenda will be developed, encompassing items that are being evaluated by the staff but are not yet ready for the Technical Agenda. Items on the Research Agenda will remain there until they either advance to the Technical Agenda (through research and consultation) or are dropped due to lack of evidence.