The future of sustainability disclosure is here: SASB Symposium

Conversations around the materiality of sustainability information and its relevance to the capital markets are taking place across the globe. SASB is an integral part of those conversations, so we created our SASB Symposiums as a place where stakeholders – and skeptics – could debate and discuss the evolving thinking around how to handle sustainability information.

We typically have multiple Symposium gatherings around the world during a calendar year.

These events typically attract hundreds of attendees who identify as corporate professionals (CSOs, CFOs, IROs, internal audit, general counsel), corporate advisors (consultants, software providers, auditors, and lawyers), investors (asset owners and asset managers), and investment partners (data providers, investment tools, and investment consultants). Each event is tailored to its local market to make sure topics, panels and research are as relevant and timely as possible.

Regardless of location or venue, Symposium attendees leave with a deeper understanding of how sustainability factors drive value and how to use sustainability information to inform corporate strategies or investment decisions.

Hear Directly From Symposium Attendees
Kristen Sullivan
SASB’s Annual Symposium has cemented a spot as the ‘go to’ ESG conference for investors and companies.
MJ Privyk
FinComm Services
The SASB Symposium is a must-attend event for anyone concerned with optimizing ESG reporting to investors…It also provides an all-too-rare opportunity to bring together investors and reporting issuers, fostering dialogue that helps move the market forward.
Mikkel Skougaard
MOL Group
The SASB symposium is a great event as it brings together professionals from all parts of the ESG ecosystem, including investors, analysts, corporates, regulators, auditors etc. Listening to and learning from such a range of high-quality subject matter experts is very enriching, allowing you to fly home with a bag full of inspiration and new ideas.
Andrew Poreda
Sage Advisory Services
Participating in the SASB Symposium is important to us because it keeps us current on how all parties are assessing and integrating ESG issues, whether it be other investors, corporations, and even the regulatory agencies. It was a pleasure to take part in and is a must attend during Sustainable Finance Week.