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Providing Feedback on SASB Standards

The following are ways stakeholders can engage with SASB to provide feedback on the existing standards or emerging sustainability issues that should be considered in future updates to the standards. Visit the Projects page to see an overview of our current projects.

Questions? Reach out to us via the feedback form.

We welcome unsolicited input on the Standards at any point. Feedback can be provided through a variety of channels, such as email, phone discussions, and written comment letters. Complete the General Feedback Form below to begin the process.

Technical staff regularly conducts consultation with stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Consultations support our efforts around identifying projects and guiding research throughout a project lifecycle. Review the active projects below to identify the current consultation opportunities.

Public comment periods allow for a more formal, structured point of engagement with stakeholders. Public comments are a key input that the Standards Board considers when voting whether to approve the proposed new or amended standards. Review the active projects to identify the public comment opportunities.


SASB will form standing and temporary Advisory Groups consisting of external advisors, such as corporates, industry members, investors, financial analysts, and other professionals, to provide advice on specific aspects of sectors, industries, and topics, including metrics and technical protocols.

Please use this form to contact SASB with comments related to the SASB Standards.

We will review the information you have provided and you will receive an email confirming your submission. If we have any questions or require additional information, SASB may contact you via email.

If your comment does not apply to a specific sector, please select 'N/A' from the dropdown menu.
If your comment applies to multiple sectors, please list them in the message field below.

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Allowed file types: .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx.