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The publication of the SASB industry standards marks an important milestone for global capital markets. The 77 industry-specific standards are the first of their kind designed to assist companies in disclosing financially material, decision-useful sustainability information to investors.

The Standards Board approved the standards in October 2018, serving as the culmination of a six-year standard-setting process. The standards were released in November 2018. Supporting materials related to the development of the standards are available in the Standard-Setting Archive.

Find your Sector and Industry

SASB standards use the Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) to group companies based on shared sustainability risks and opportunities. This tool allows you to determine the primary SICS® industry for tens of thousands of companies listed around the world, enabling investors and corporations to determine which SASB sustainability accounting standard is applicable to that company. Companies are categorized under a single primary SICS® industry. Integrated firms with revenue streams from different industries, for example, will only appear under one industry. Please contact SASB by clicking on the flag () next to the company name if you think that your company’s “primary” industry needs to be reviewed. For guidance for companies that report in multiple industries, please see the “Determine Which Industry Standards Apply” section of the SASB Implementation Primer.

A company considering use of SASB standards self-determines which standard(s) is relevant, which disclosure topics are financially material to its business, and which associated metrics to report, taking relevant legal requirements into account. In general, a company would use the SASB standard for its primary industry as identified in SICS®. However, companies with substantial business in multiple SICS® industries can consider reporting on these additional SASB industry standards.

Downloading the Standards

The 77 industry-specific standards are available for download by filling out the form below.

A Basis for Conclusions that corresponds with each industry standard is similarly available for download and explains the process and rationale the Standards Board relied on in approving the standards.

The Standards Application Guidance establishes universal implementation guidance applicable to all industry standards.

The SASB Standards are made available for free for non-commercial use, such as corporate disclosure. The content in the SASB Standards is copyrighted. All rights reserved. Commercial use of the content in the SASB Standards – including for investment analysis, data services, and product development – is not permitted without consent. To request more information, please contact us at: [email protected].