Conceptual Framework

This project is open for public comment until November 30, 2020.
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Page Last Updated: August 28, 2020

Project Overview

Project Objective

The Conceptual Framework document details the principles, objectives, assumptions, and definitions that guide SASB’s thinking and approach to Standard-setting/revising. The Conceptual Framework project will clarify and strengthen these core principles and concepts that govern SASB’s Standards.

Project Background

SASB’s Conceptual Framework document was published in February of 2017 and does not reflect SASB’s updated mission statement, nor does not reflect SASB’s global reach, and the document contains outdated assumptions, definitions, and data.

Project Status

Current Status

The Conceptual Framework document’s 90-day public comment period is in progress and is expected to end on November 30, 2020.

Next Steps

SASB’s Standards Board will consider all public comments submitted and conduct deliberations based on the comments received. At that time, the Standards Board may pursue further revisions of the Conceptual Framework or may approve the exposure draft as is. Upon the approval of the Conceptual Framework by the Standards Board, the approved version will supersede the 2017 version of the Conceptual Framework.

Contact Information

Shivani Kuckreja
Associate Analyst, SASB

Board Materials & Decisions

Board Meeting Outcomes

September 2019

  • The board discussed a new project on SASB’s Conceptual Framework.

Board Materials

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February 2020

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September 2019

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