Codification Process and Documents

SASB Chairman’s Report

The Chairman produces a quarterly report outlining the activities of the SASB. To read the Q2 2017 report, click here


SASB Board Meetings

On June 29th and 30th the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) convened to review items under consideration for the SASB’s Technical Agenda. The board discussion encompassed items under review for possible changes to the Provisional Standards for 79 industries in 11 major sectors within the Sustainability Industry Classification System, prior to finalization in Q1 2018. The 2017 Technical Agenda noting items under formal review by the Standards Board will be published in July 2017.


A Research Agenda will also be developed, encompassing items that are being evaluated by the staff but are not yet ready for the Technical Agenda. Items on the Research Agenda will remain there until they either advance to the Technical Agenda (through research and consultation) or are dropped due to lack of evidence. Items that are currently being considered for the Technical Agenda have arisen from analyst research and stakeholder consultation conducted since release of the Provisional Standards.


SASB Board Members

Jean Rogers, PhD 

Founder and Former CEO, SASB, Chair of the SASB Standards Board

Jeffrey Hales, PhD 

Professor of Accounting, Georgia Institute of Technology, Vice Chair of the SASB Standards Board


Verity Chegar 

Vice President and ESG Strategist, BlackRock


Daniel L. Goelzer, JD

Senior Counsel, Baker & McKenzie LLP


Robert B. Hirth, Jr.

Chairman, COSO & Senior Managing Director, Protiviti


Kurt Kuehn

Former CFO, UPS


Lloyd Kurtz, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Social Impact Investing, Wells Fargo Private Bank


Elizabeth Seeger

Director, KKR


Stephanie Tang, JD

Senior Corporate Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary, The Clorox Company