Research & Insight

SASB Research & Insight Partners produce both commercial and academic reports using SASB’s industry classification system (SICS™) and SASB standards, in order to surface valuable findings and market trends.


CSRHub provides access to the world’s largest CSR and sustainability ratings and information database. CSRHub’s Big Data platform aggregates and synthesizes sustainability metrics from more than 400 sources and covers 15,000 companies in 132 countries, with reports, dashboards, and website tools to improve CSR performance. As SASB’s first Research & Insight partner, CSRHub is setting benchmarks and analyzing industry trends to help companies and investors evaluate performance on SASB standards. By combining CSRHub’s database with SASB’s Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS™), CSRHub is developing a series of research reports, the Sustainability Accounting Standings Series (SASS).   SASS Features include:


  • An extensive overview of the current state of sustainability reporting within each SICS industry
  • An overview of how the current state of sustainability reporting within a given SICS industry matches up with SASB’s identified disclosure topics and accounting metrics for each industry
  • A unique view of corporate ESG ratings for companies within each SICS industry.

For more information go to the SASS report on the Metals and Mining Industry or the report on the Apparel, Accessories and Footwear Industry.