Investible Products

SASB Investible Products Partners develop products, such as indexes and exchange trade funds (ETF), that use SASB’s unique industry classification system (SICS™) and industry standards as a key element for constructing products that consider exposure to ESG risks and performance on ESG factors.


Corporate Knights Capital has partnered with Solactive to launch a family of Low Carbon Indices, aiming to provide exposure to best-in-class companies in carbon intensive sectors, while maintaining benchmark exposure for companies in all other sectors. The indices available include: Solactive CK Low Carbon U.S. Index, Solactive CK Low Carbon Europe Index, and Solactive CK Low Carbon Canada Index. This new index family has been designed to serve as benchmark or underlying for low carbon investment strategies.  The Solactive CK Low Carbon Index family use the Sustainable Industry Classification System™ (SICS®), established by SASB to categorize industries based on resource intensity, sustainability impact, and sustainability innovation potential.


The ET Low Carbon Index Series is underpinned by the ET Carbon Rankings, which score the world’s largest listed companies according to their carbon emissions. By linking an investable index to a public ranking of companies, the ET Low Carbon Index Series offers investors a practical mechanism through which to incentivize and participate in global corporate carbon emission reductions.  The following ET Index Research products utilize SICS™ to classify companies:


  • ET Low Carbon Index Series
  • ET Fossil Free Index Series
  • ET Carbon Rankings