Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

SASB ERP Partners play an integral role in helping corporations with their tracking, management, and reporting of non-financial data. ERP Partners provide invaluable tools for companies that want control over their sustainability accounting information.


Since 2001 Tennaxia has accompanied industrial companies who are committed to a Corporate and Environmental Responsibility approach and/or who are facing challenges concerning environmental protection and controlling health and safety risks for their workforce.  Tannaxia’s offerings include:

  • Customized cloud-based software and services to manage EHS, CSR and Sustainability Reporting
  • 5,000 locations in 70 countries rely on Tennaxia to streamline business processes, reducing costs and risks
  • Configurable to any reporting framework or KPI, Tennaxia’s turnkey solution achieves nearly 100% client retention

cr360 – formerly CRedit360 – provides companies with a 360-degree view of EHS, Compliance, Energy and Carbon, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain information. Our integrated software solution empowers companies to accurately capture, manage, and report the sustainability and EHS information needed to ensure compliance and drive performance across all business areas. Features Include:

  • Integrated information management for addressing sustainability, EHS, and supply chain needs.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly system to simplify data collection and management.
  • Data quality checks and audit trail to support advanced sustainability reporting in-line with reporting requirements for SASB, CDP, GRI, DJSI, GRESB, etc.
  • Flexible visualization and communications tools such as customizable charts, tables, dashboards, and reports
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WeSustain, founded in 2010 by experienced experts, is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) Software. Our web-based solutions cover all important areas of modern ESM and help companies implement their sustainability strategy by collecting and analyzing relevant data. Our clients benefit from increased efficiency, better data quality and less errors. With the help of SASB, our goal is to make sustainability an integral part of private and public organizations all around the world!

  • Numerous standards and KPIs integrated from the start and always kept up to date
  • Full support of the materiality process and comprehensive mobile stakeholder management
  • Simple and intuitive handling even for sporadic users
  • Certified data security