SASB is creating a world-class partnership network to provide corporations and investors with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively use SASB Standards. For more information about SASB Partnership opportunities contact Nicolai Lundy (

Investor Focus

Corporate Focus


Investible Products

SASB Investible Products Partners develop products, such as indexes and exchange trade funds (ETF), that use SASB’s unique industry classification system (SICS™) and industry standards as a key element for constructing products that consider exposure to ESG risks and performance on ESG factors.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

SASB ERP Partners play an integral role in helping corporations with their non-financial data tracking, management, and reporting. ERP Partners provide invaluable tools for companies that want control over their sustainability accounting information.


Data Provider & Investor Tools

SASB Data Provider & Investor Tools Partners offer investor access to corporate performance data and investment tools that map to SASB’s industry classification system (SICS™) and industry standards. SASB Data Provider & Investor Tools Partners play a valuable role in delivering data and tools that facilitate the inclusion of ESG performance in investor decisions.



SASB Advisory Partners aid corporations in their application of SASB’s implementation guidance. Selected partners will help companies with key aspects of implementation, from materiality assessments, to examining the current state of management and disclosure, to benchmarking against industry norms, and ultimately the integration of SASB standards into data tracking and disclosure practices.