Find SASB Data Sets

These companies provide a filter on their data sets to view data consistent with SASB standards. Users can see how companies are performing on SASB metrics and/or proxies for SASB metrics.

Contact Jeff Cohen at to incorporate SASB’s standards and industry classification into your systems, products, or services.

Corporate Performance Data

Disclosure Quality Data

To see how SASB metrics map to existing ESG data fields available on Bloomberg, and to see where companies are already disclosing on SASB metrics, run the Bloomberg Environmental, Social and Governance DataSnapshot template at XLTP XESG and select the SASB dropdown in the KPIs tab.

TruValue Labs and Thomson Reuters Eikon App Studio features the SASB edition of TruValue Labs Insght360. Users can access the full set of Thomson Reuters ESG data mapped to SASB Metrics for 6,000+ companies in addition to TruValue Labs robust ESG data set, built using unstructured data. This gives users the ability to track real-time corporate performance on material ESG factors, as defined by SASB’s materiality framework.

TruValue Labs products offer objective ESG data and analytics at the speed of current events, by using AI-based algorithms to identify ESG factors in unstructured data, like news stories and analyst reports. TruValue Labs has built a SASB edition of their flagship product, Insight360, to provide a comprehensive view of how 8,000+ companies are performing on their material ESG factors.