SASB’s evidence-based, market-informed, and transparent process has identified the material ESG factors for each industry. To incorporate SASB’s industry classification, metrics, or underlying research and related content into your systems, products, or services, contact Jeff Cohen at

These companies offer tools that make it easy to collect and report performance on SASB standards. Management teams can get the information needed to improve performance on the sustainability factors that impact the bottom-line.

These companies provide a filter on their data sets to view data consistent with SASB standards. Users can see how companies are performing on SASB metrics and/or proxies for SASB metrics. 

Want to focus your products on ESG information that really matters to investors? SASB makes it easy for organizations that provide analytics/scoring tools or investible products (e.g. indexes, ETFs) to use SASB standards and/or the Sustainable Industry Classification System™ (SICS™). Distinguish yourself by focusing on what’s truly material. 

Want to incorporate SASB’s underlying research or educational content into your products or services? SASB will work with you to identify the right content for your audiences and the right permissions for you to share it. Demonstrate your credibility in the emerging field of sustainability accounting.