Collect & Report SASB Data

These companies offer tools that make it easy to collect and report performance on SASB standards. Management teams can get the information needed to benchmark their performance on the sustainability factors that impact the bottom-line.

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B Analytics is a flexible data platform for measuring, benchmarking, and reporting on impact. B Analytics allows investors to track and benchmark their portfolio’s impact performance against comprehensive, custom, and third-party metric sets. B Lab, the nonprofit behind B Analytics, serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Features of B Analytics include:

  • Pre-built metric sets to allow easy reporting against SASB standards
  • Ability to benchmark company performance against all other companies on the platform, including comparisons by sector and size
  • Target-setting functionality for investors to set goals for portfolio companies
  • Aggregate investor view of all portfolio company data
  • Same tool that powers the B Corp Certification and GIIRS Ratings, allowing companies to fulfill multiple impact measurement needs in one platform
  • The largest dataset of private company impact data

Clean Capitalist Fund Reporting and Scenario Analysis: Created by Corporate Knights and powered by carbon data from South Pole Group, the Clean Capitalist is a secure, interactive tool to benchmark, measure and manage exposure to carbon and other ESG factors that also allows investors to see the financial implications of a range of user-defined sustainable investing scenarios. The Clean Capitalist platform includes best-in-class analysis conducted with SASB’s Sustainability Industry Classification System (SICS).

CSRware, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, B Corporation and an Oracle/NetSuite and Amazon Partner was a founding partner in the 2014 SASB Enterprise Resource Platform Partnership Program.  The CSRware platform delivers a flexible cloud-based solution to bridge ESG Investors with Corporate Sustainability professionals using SASB, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other key frameworks, key performance indicators and metrics to gain insights into Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) datasets and results.

CSRware’s Value Proposition for Companies using SASB Standards

  • CSRware integrates SASB standards to help companies identify sustainability factors that are material to the company, and provide a model for reporting on those factors in a decision-useful way for investors.
  • CSRware’s platform helps companies measure and manage the sustainability risks and opportunities most likely to impact value.
  • CSRware and SASB standards delivers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) results requested by the investor community.
  • CSRware closes the gap between corporate ESG reporting and investor requests.

Clients leverage integrated metrics and KPIs to benchmark performance using drill down options to analyze anomalies and make decisions based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) insights.


eFront ESG is an eFront solution that facilitates efficient ESG information collection, reporting and analysis between LPs, GPs and portfolio companies.

eFront ESG provides an information request framework that removes the ambiguity and complexity for GPs and portfolio companies in answering questions from investors while speeding up the information gathering process for LPs and GPs. eFront ESG, is available as a SaaS based product and integrates the market’s best practices: the solution allows LPs and GPs to create customized information requests, choosing indicators from a predefined library, or create their own indicators. This approach allows LPs and GPs to adapt their information requests according to their own ESG policies.


UL EHS Sustainability is a division of Underwriters Laboratories (‘UL’), the premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for 120 years. In 2016, UL EHS Sustainability acquired cr360, a leader in Sustainability and EHS management software. UL EHS Sustainability empowers organizations to drive measurable business improvement through its EHS, occupational health, environmental, supply chain, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility solutions in the PURE Platform. Features Include:

  • Integrated information management for addressing sustainability, EHS, and supply chain needs.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly system to simplify data collection and management.
  • Data quality checks and audit trail to support advanced sustainability reporting in-line with reporting requirements for SASB, CDP, GRI, DJSI, GRESB, etc.
  • Flexible visualization and communications tools such as customizable charts, tables, dashboards, and reports

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WeSustain, founded in 2010 by experienced experts, is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) Software. Our web-based solutions cover all important areas of modern ESM and help companies implement their sustainability strategy by collecting and analyzing relevant data. Our clients benefit from increased efficiency, better data quality and less errors. With the help of SASB, our goal is to make sustainability an integral part of private and public organizations all around the world!

  • Numerous standards and KPIs integrated from the start and always kept up to date
  • Full support of the materiality process and comprehensive mobile stakeholder management
  • Simple and intuitive handling even for sporadic users
  • Certified data security