Standards Advisory Group

Why create a Standards Advisory Group?

Companies have increasingly recognized that the management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are directly related to their ability to manage risk and deliver financial performance. At the same time, investors are increasingly using ESG information to develop a comprehensive view of company performance to help them evaluate a company’s value.

Companies and investors play an important role in evaluating the topics, metrics, and technical protocols included in the SASB’s industry-specific standards by providing feedback on the extent to which the content of the standards adheres to the SASB’s concepts, principles, and definitions set out in its Conceptual Framework.

The SASB Standards Advisory Group (formerly known as the Sector Advisory Group) is comprised of volunteer industry experts who advise SASB on emerging issues that should be considered in the standards development process.

Standards Advisory Group Statement

The SASB Standards Advisory Group (SAG) is comprised of individuals from leading companies, financial institutions, and/or third parties with industry expertise who recognize the need for consistent, comparable and reliable disclosure of material and decision-useful ESG information.

Standards Advisory Group Members:

  • Believe standards can improve the quality and comparability of sustainability-related information
  • Believe SASB’s approach—which is industry-specific and focused on financially material issues—provides investors with relevant and decision-useful information
  • Provide feedback to the SASB staff on the standards development process and the implementation and use of the standards
  • Encourage other stakeholders to participate in SASB’s ongoing standards development process

A Call for Volunteers

We are seeking individuals from leading public companies, financial institutions, and/or third parties with industry expertise who are committed to improving the quality and comparability of sustainability-related disclosure to investors. Apart from the above, here is what’s involved:

Standards Advisory Group members will benefit from having input into the SASB standards implementation process as well as a chance to shape the SASB board’s Research Agenda and the standards going forward.

We encourage you to complete and submit the expression of interest form below. (Note that signup does not guarantee a seat as a member.)

For further information, please review the SAG Charter.

To view current members, please consult the list of SAG Members.

Please note: This Advisory Group is advisory in nature and recommendations are non-binding; ultimate authority to approve updates, as recommended by the SASB staff, rests with the SASB. Members of the group will be nominated by the SASB staff and the SASB and approved by vote of the Standards Board.


Contact: Marvin Smith, Stakeholder Outreach Manager