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Webinar: SASB and the Sustainable Development Goals

Type: Video | Published: June 2020 | Author: SASB

Webinar: SASB and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Responding to investor interest, SASB mapped its standards to the SDGs and found that 98 percent of the industry-specific topics included in SASB standards are in some way related to one or more SDG targets. This webinar highlights key findings and explains how SASB standards can provide a useful tool for companies and investors to identify the “sweet spot,” where companies and investors can optimize their net social and environmental impact within the context of their financial risk-return objectives.

Faith Ward, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Brunel Pension Partnership
Sonal Dalal, Director of Civil Society & NGO Outreach, SASB
Arturo Rodriguez, Special Projects Manager, SASB

Download the related paper and see about licensing the SASB-SDG mapping.