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ESG Uncovered

  • Type: publication

Markets have applied less scrutiny to the sustainability data collected by providers than to what’s reported by companies. In ESG Uncovered, SASB’s analysis shows both are important.       …

Dead Cobras & Fabergé Eggs: Unlocking The Potential of ESG Data

  • Type: publication

The SASB Alliance brought together a diverse group of market participants to discuss key challenges—and potential solutions—related to sustainable investing. Dead Cobras & Fabergé Eggs surfaces key takeaways.     …

Annual Report 2017

  • Type: publication

The annual report focuses on SASB’s mission and impact, highlighting key milestones from the year 2017, presenting financial statements, and providing management’s outlook.               …

State of Disclosure 2017

  • Type: publication

The State of Disclosure Report examines the quality of corporate disclosure on SASB topics, offering insights into how efficiently those industry-specific risks and opportunities are priced by markets.     …

The Future of Material Sustainability Information

  • Type: video

This webinar, The Future of Material Sustainability Information: How you can influence updates to SASB standards, explores the process SASB uses to update its sustainability accounting standards, with a specific…

SASB Legal Roundtable

  • Type: publication

Leading securities law scholars and practitioners came together to surface key questions—and to debate their answers—regarding corporate sustainability disclosure.                       …

ESG Integration Insights – Omnibus Edition

  • Type: publication

The ESG Integration Insights series highlights interesting and innovative examples of how investors use SASB standards to inform analysis and decision making.                 …

Case Study – PIMCO

  • Type: publication
  • Author: PIMCO

In this case study, learn how PIMCO augments traditional credit analysis with a SASB-informed approach, and how it applies this ESG integration strategy in the commercial banking industry to better manage risk and…

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