The Engagement Guide facilitates more focused, meaningful discussion between investors and portfolio companies about financially material sustainability risks and opportunities.                                                     

The SASB Engagement Guide for Asset Owners & Asset Managers, which has been updated to reflect the codified SASB standards, helps investors:

  • Understand the industry-specific questions that can open the door to a meaningful discussion with portfolio companies about the financially material sustainability risks and opportunities they face.
  • Facilitate a more complete and robust assessment of a company’s long-term risks and value creation.
  • Focus conversations on sustainability factors that are likely to affect the financial condition or operating performance of a company.
  • Use the SASB standards to further inform and enhance their engagement with companies.

Although the guide is primarily designed for shareholders, it can also help corporate professionals—such as boards of directors, senior executives, investor relations personnel, and others—better understand the evolving expectations of investors and prepare for constructive dialogue.

Publication last updated May 2022