As companies refine and prioritize their ESG disclosures, adding to an already vast universe of ESG data, many investors are looking for signals of enhanced confidence which can be provided through external assurance by an independent third-party similar to traditional financial statements. On this webinar, featuring two corporate reporters and a professional assurance provider, we explored the factors investors and companies should consider, including:

  • Growth in ESG assurance
  • Investor benefits, including greater confidence in the accuracy of reports and quality of disclosures
  • Company benefits, including easier capital raising and improved ESG ratings
  • Types of assurance and standards used
  • SASB standards and assurance considerations


  • Merilee Buckley, Chief Accounting Officer, ETSY
  • Hilary Young, Senior Sustainability Manager, ETSY
  • Daniel Egan, Senior Vice President, Sustainability & Utilities, Vornado Realty Trust


  • Kristen Sullivan, Deloitte Partner and Chair of the AICPA Sustainability Assurance and Advisory Task Force