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June 30, 2020

SASB & The UN Sustainable Development Goals Webinar

  • Organizer: SASB
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In this webinar, you’ll discover how SASB standards can help both companies and investors identify the SDG targets most relevant to financial and operational performance in a given industry, which in turn enables them to allocate financial capital and other resources where they are best positioned to contribute to—and benefit from—SDG themes in the context of their financial risk-and-return objectives.

Sonal Dalal, Director of Civil Society & NGO Outreach, SASB
Arturo Rodriguez, Special Projects Manager, SASB

We’ll unpack the recently published SASB Industry Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals, which outlines the findings of a mapping exercise of SASB disclosure topics to SDG targets, which is now included as part of licensing SASB standards.