Education Program Manager

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As companies and investors consider SASB standards, they are requesting education about how SASB applies to their work, how it relates to other ESG frameworks, and case studies of how the standards are being used by other organizations. SASB is requesting a secondment position to repurpose existing materials for new educational programs and/or updating existing educational programs.


The Education Program Manager will work with subject matter experts’ familiar with SASB’s work in the accounting, investment analysis, corporate sustainability, and/or legal professions to create valuable educational programs in response to the requests SASB has received.


The projects listed below represent the range of possible projects. Depending on the secondment’s expertise and interests, s/he would work on the one or two projects that are the best fit.

Proposed Project(s):

  • Create a 2-4 hour course showing how equity analysts can use the standards
    • Many asset managers and asset owners have asked SASB to either provide an ESG education program for their staff or point to resources to help them develop such a program. SASB would like to create a standard education program for those firms. The Education Program Manager would work with organizations that have already expressed an interest to design a course that meets their needs and reflects SASB’s key messages.
  • FSA Credential update
    • The Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Credential was developed during the provisional phase of the SASB standards development process. In early 2018, the SASB standards will be finalized and codified. With these changes, there are several opportunities for improvements and changes to the learning material and the exam questions. The Education Program Manager will automatically earn a passing score on both the Level I and Level II exams and earn the FSA Credential.
  • Develop materials for business schools to incorporate into their curriculum
    • A number of professors in various departments (accounting, corporate finance, sustainable business) have asked SASB for help to integrate sustainability accounting materials into their course curriculums. The Education Program Manager will work with these professors to create materials such as case studies and class projects that can be widely distributed and incorporated into classes around the country and the world.
  • Create educational materials relevant for the C-suite and/or board members
    • There are very few resources designed to educate CFOs, CEOs and board members in a format and language that they understand and can fit into their busy schedules. The Education Program Manager will work with SASB advisors to identify the appropriate content and type of resources for these audiences, who serve as key gatekeepers and decision makers for corporate sustainability disclosures.
  • Lead the development of an online course about sustainability accounting
    • SASB’s FSA Credential has been successful for those who are fully committed to becoming experts in the field of sustainability accounting. Apart from the FSA Credential, there are few resources for those who want to learn more but are not committed to earning a credential. The Education Program Manager will work with subject matter experts and course provider partner to create an online course about the materiality of sustainability information, how it affects financial analysis, and the implications for companies, investors, and market intermediaries (consultants, lawyers, accountants).

This role is based in San Francisco, CA, but not required.

Reports to:

Director of Education and Partnerships


6 to 9 months (depending on the project(s) pursued, with option to extend

Opportunities for Professional Development:

The Education Program Manager will gain cross-functional knowledge in the rapidly growing ESG/sustainable finance space. All of the proposed projects will provide expertise in the relationship between corporate financial performance and sustainability, which many companies and investors want to better understand but often don’t set aside time to thoroughly learn on their own. The Education Program Manager will be uniquely qualified to help those organizations. Specifically, s/he will:

  • Learn how to identify when sustainability information can have a material financial impacts on a company and how that information can inform corporate strategic decision-making and investment analysis.
  • Be exposed to SASB leadership, Board members, and supporters (including leaders at SASB Alliance organizations) to extend your professional network and learn new ideas
  • Get an inside look at how a variety of companies and investment firms are working with material sustainability information by taking advantage of the behind-the-scenes access that an independent, non-profit standards-setter like SASB can obtain.
  • Be at the forefront of developing the educational canon for sustainability accounting which will inform current and future leaders in the capital markets.

Core Competencies:

Critical core competencies for successful performance in this role are:

  • Unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity, diversity and trust
  • Excellent people interaction skills and professional demeanor
  • Self-motivated with ability to work independently without detailed direction. Solid project management skills. Well organized.
  • Strong written communication skills with the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly:
    • The Education Program Manager is not intended to write all of the final content, but will serve as the intellectual source of the final content by drafting written content or presentations for a writer/editor to finalize

Desired Qualifications / Experiences:

  • Familiarity with equity/credit/portfolio analysis and/or valuation models (All projects)
  • Experience in financial reporting for public companies (Projects 2, 3, 4)
  • Experience in the sustainability field, with knowledge of the types of sustainability issues likely to impact company performance (Desired, but optional)
  • Familiarity with SEC disclosure requirements, specifically MD&A (Desired, but optional)
  • Experience with curriculum design and/or adult education/training (Optional)

Available SASB Internal Expertise and Resources:

SASB has developed the FSA Credential, continuing education programs, workshops for integrating ESG into valuation models, and case studies, which can all be used for the projects listed above. SASB has also developed strong relationships with subject matter experts who are interested in supporting the work of the Education Program Manager. The SASB Alliance Organizational members are also invested in supporting and advising the work of Education Program Manager.

To Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter via email to, with the email subject as “Education Program Manager.”