Rules of Procedure

The SASB Rules of Procedure establish the processes and practices followed by the SASB in its standards-setting activities, and in its governance and oversight of related processes and practices undertaken by its staff. In establishing formal governance procedures, the Rules describe the SASB’s organizational structure, including the roles, composition, and operating procedures of the SASB Standards Board. The Rules then provide an overview of the SASB’s standards-setting process, which involves the systematic, independent evaluation of evidence-based research, stakeholder consultation, Technical Agenda-setting, proposed Updates, public comment, and ratification—all of which are subject to public transparency. Finally, the Rules describe the various outcomes of this process, including Updates to and Interpretations of the Standards, and other relevant pronouncements.

For more information about SASB’s approach, read the SASB Conceptual Framework, which sets out the basic concepts, principles, definitions, and objectives that guide the SASB.