Value Reporting Foundation

Standards Oversight Committee – Grievance Process

  1. Any complaint regarding alleged violation(s) of the “SASB Rules of Procedure” by the SASB or its staff should be submitted to the Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) of the SASB Foundation via email, [email protected], or mail to The SASB Foundation, 1045 Sansome Street, Suite 450, San Francisco, CA 94111, Attn: Standards Oversight Committee. Complaints submitted must reference the specific rule or rules that were allegedly violated, including a citation from the “SASB Rules of Procedure” document, as well as a description of how the rule was violated and, if known to the complainant, by whom. Complaints should also include a description of the complainant’s efforts to resolve the issue with the SASB and/or its staff and the outcome of those efforts.
  2. SASB Foundation staff will maintain a log of all such complaints received, along with related correspondence and documents.
  3. SASB Foundation staff will forward the original complaint to the Chair of the SOC, along with a summary of its content and an analysis of whether the matter is a complaint alleging a violation of the SASB Rules of Procedure. SASB Foundation staff will also notify the Chair of the SASB that the complaint has been submitted.
  4. Following consultation with the Chair of the SOC, SASB Foundation staff will forward the letter, summary, and analysis, revised if and as appropriate, to the members of the SOC. The SOC will then determine whether the matter should be treated as a complaint, generally through e-mail polling.
    A. If the SOC determines that the matter should not be treated as a complaint, SASB Foundation staff will respond to the matter as appropriate, notifying the SOC of its disposition.
    B. If the SOC determines that the matter should be treated as a complaint, SASB Foundation staff will investigate the validity of the complaint, reaching out when appropriate to members of the SASB, the complainant, or other involved individuals. Unless the SOC agrees to additional time, each such investigation shall be completed within 3 months of receipt of the complaint.
    C. If an investigation is undertaken, the SASB and its staff will cooperate fully with such investigation.
  5. Following the completion of its investigation, SASB Foundation staff will present a summary of the findings and a recommended disposition of the complaint to the Chair of the SOC, along with any additional, related correspondence, and any other material the SASB Foundation staff deems appropriate. The Chair of the SOC will review the findings, background and recommended disposition, and determine whether the matter is ready for consideration by the SOC or whether further information or investigation is necessary. If the latter, the SASB Foundation staff will obtain such information and/or conduct such additional investigation, and then resubmit the matter to the Chair of the SOC.
  6. A meeting of the SOC will then be called to consider the complaint, and SASB Foundation staff will distribute all appropriate materials to all members of the SOC, including the staff’s initial findings, recommended disposition, and background.
  7. The SOC will meet, in person or telephonically, to review the complaint and determine what action, if any, is appropriate.
  8. Upon the completion of the review by the SOC, a written, reasoned response will be sent to the complainant, signed by the Chair of the SOC or his/her delegee, on behalf of the SOC. The response of the SOC will also be sent to Chair of the SASB. Thereafter, the original complaint letter and the response letter will be made public on the SASB website.
  9. Should the SOC determine that corrective action by the SASB should be undertaken, the SASB will report quarterly to the SOC about the status of such corrective actions until they are resolved to the satisfaction of the SOC