Sector Advisory Groups

As outlined in the Rules of Procedure, the SASB plans to form Sector Advisory Groups to support the Board and its staff in producing cost-effective Standards by providing industry perspective and expertise. These Advisory Groups are advisory in nature and recommendations are non-binding; ultimate authority to approve updates, as recommended by the SASB staff, rests with the SASB. Members of the groups will be nominated by the SASB staff and the SASB, and approved by vote of the SASB. The Sector Advisory Groups will produce a report to the SASB summarizing their recommendations and their assessment of the SASB’s incorporation of those recommendations into Exposure Drafts of the relevant Updates. Meetings of Sector Advisory Groups will be open to all interested parties, but only appointed group members can take the floor and speak at those meetings.


To express interest in participating in a sector Advisory Group, which are expected to form in Q1 2018, please fill out this form:

The Sector Advisory Groups are a continuation of SASB’s past work to engage industry experts in its Standards development process.  During development of the Provisional Standards, SASB engaged 2,800 participants (including investors affiliated with $23.4T assets under management and corporate professionals affiliated with $11.0T market capitalization) in industry working groups. In these working groups, 81% of investors and issuers agreed on the likely materiality of SASB’s proposed disclosure topics.