SASB’s provisional standards for the Financials sector were developed through a rigorous evidence-based, multi-stakeholder process consisting of research supported by Bloomberg technology, data, and analytical tools; balanced, multi-stakeholder industry working groups; a public comment period; and review by an independent Standards Council composed of experts in standards development, securities law, environmental law, metrics, and accounting. As SASB is committed to a transparent and open standards-development process, this page contains documents related to the standards-development process for this sector.


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SASB Resources


Financials Standards

SASB’s provisional sustainability accounting standards for the Financials sector help public corporations disclose material, decision-useful information to investors.

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Financials Industry Briefs

SASB’s industry briefs provide an industry-specific context for the sustainability accounting standards. The briefs describe each SASB disclosure topic, outline the evidence behind it, and explain the link to corporate valuation. In addition, the briefs describe the regulatory trends that are likely to impact the link between sustainability and financial performance.



Financials Issues Table

This table provides an overview of the SASB disclosure topics for the seven industries in the Financials sector.



Technical Bulletin

This document provides disclosure guidance for integrated banking and financial services companies.



Example of Integrated Disclosure in Form 10-K

The following is a mock excerpt from a Form 10-K filing for a commercial bank, “States Bank Trust,” that incorporates disclosure to the SASB Standard for Commercial Banks into its Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (MD&A). This document serves as an example of one type of disclosure SASB standards are designed to enable; it is not intended to provide a template for companies to follow. This is a working document on which SASB is actively soliciting feedback regarding the content, scope, and presentation.



Sector Process Materials


List of Industry Working Group Participants

This list contains the names of all the members of SASB’s Financials industry working groups who participated publicly. These participants contributed to the IWGs as individuals, and not as representatives of their present or past companies.



Industry Working Group Due Process Report

Prepared by SASB, this report outlines the industry working group process, including recruiting processes, composition of members, IWG feedback, and how SASB addressed the input of the IWG.



Standards Council Process Review

Prepared by the Standards Council, this document reviews and comments on the findings of the Industry Working Group Due Process Report.



Standards Outcome Report

Prepared by SASB, this report documents the changes made to SASB’s standards throughout the standards development process, in response to evidence-based research, industry working group feedback, public comment periods, and recommendations from the process review conducted by the SASB Standards Council.


Standards Council Outcome Review

Prepared by the Standards Council, this document reviews and comments on the findings of the Standards Outcome Report.



Public Comment Period

Public Comment Version of Standards (All Industries)



Public Comments Received



Responses to Public Comment

To see how SASB addressed public comments for the Financials sector, please refer to Appendix II of the Standards Outcome Report.




The industries listed below make up the Financials Sector of SICS™. The companies listed below each industry are the top 5 companies by revenue, and are listed only to provide tangible examples of the types of companies in each industry.

Commercial Banks

    • Wells Fargo
    • Bank of America
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Citigroup
    • US Bancorp

Investment Banking & Brokerage

    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Citigroup
    • Bank of America
    • Morgan Stanley

Asset Management & Custody Activities

    • Bank of America
    • Morgan Stanley
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Bank NY Mellon
    • Citigroup

Consumer Finance

    • American Express
    • GE
    • Visa
    • Ford
    • SLM Corp

Mortgage Finance

    • Fannie Mae
    • Fidelity National
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • GE
    • First American Financial

Security & Commodity Exchanges

    • NYSE
    • NASDAQ
    • CME Group Inc
    • Intercontinental
    • CBOE Holdings


    • Metlife
    • American International
    • Prudential
    • Berkshire Hathaway
    • Allstate Corp